Windows and Balconies:

munster blindsChildren have a fascination with windows and also love to climb. Because they do not understand danger, it is most important to keep children away from windows and balconies.

Injury at and around windows and balconies can occur from:
getting caught up in curtain or blind cords
Tragedies have happened – take action now:
Secure all windows with window restrictors that do not require tools for opening – remember it is important to be able to escape in case of fire.
Make it harder for children to climb onto window ledges or to reach a curtain or blind cord – do not place furniture, beds, cots, toy boxes etc near windows.
Get rid on any gaps in balcony railings that a child could fit through or use as a foothold to climb on.
Do not place anything children could climb on near balcony railings. This includes items such as outdoor furniture, plant pots or boxes.
Make sure your child cannot get out onto the balcony without your supervision.
Check out a Temple Street Hospital study which found a high prevalence of window falls among boys under 5 years of age.

Blinds and curtain cords:

Blind and curtain cords are a serious strangulation risk to children.
Do not fit blinds and curtains with cords attached.
Make existing blinds or curtains safer – take action now and follow the advice Curtain Cord Safety of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission:

Cords ending in a loop are particularly risky.
Cut the cord to get rid of the loop and install tassels.
The cords should end at least 1.6 metres (5 feet 3 inches) above the ground so children cannot reach them.
Do not knot or tie the ends together after cutting the cord – this creates a new loop which a child could become tangled in.
Replace cords with curtain or blind wands, but avoid possible eye injuries by making sure children cannot reach them.Curtain cord safety

Where cords cannot be cut, a tie down or tension device can be used to pull the cord tight and secure it to the floor or wall. This is also a solution for vertical blinds with continuous loop cords.

For more information, please see the NSAI leaflet, Safety Awareness for Window Blinds and the NSAI Tips on Window Blind Safety.

Safety Tips

Place furniture a safe distance away from Windows tp prevent children climbing too close to them
Do not allow control cords or chains to hang close to cots and beds or to gather on floor
Do not allow control cords or chains to hang free. Use one of the Safety in Mind products to secure them out of reach or consider a cordless Blind System
Be aware of chains on bottom of most Vertical Blinds consider chainless P.V.C. VANES